Guest Blogging Without Becoming A Spammer

TheGuest Blogging Without Becoming A Spammerre is a lot of talk happening about the quality of a guest blog. You will find several guest blogs that are not up to the desired standards. And this is considered as a paid link according to Google, instead of a manner of gaining exposure and directing traffic. Google’s engineer Matt cutts has recently explained the ways for guest blogging without being considered as paid links.

He explained the things that will make your blog look like a paid link that is opposed to genuine guest blogging. When you are drilling down you will see the differences that are obvious.

Check out what exactly makes guest blogging to appear like a paid link according to Matt cutts.

There is a big difference between occasional guest blogs versus the things that are done on a huge scale for paid link activities. Matt cutts said that “If you are paying for the links then it is obvious that the subject matter of the blog post is irrelevant and off topic and it is no where related to the topic. You will more likely see keyword rich texts and some related kind of things”.

Check Out The Things That Will Make A Guest Blog Authentic

It is always better to hire an expert blogger. Matt cutts said “The guest blogger should not drop keywords and look for other ways for generating links”.

He said that there is an overlap between these two things and Google’s web spam team has to look at these guest blogs to decide whether they fall under the category of informative guest blog posting or paid links. The guest blog should be posted in such a way that it should give values to the visitors.

Some of the blog posters simply write a blog of 500 words and fix anchor text that are rich in keywords to their bio. And this is the time low quality guest blogs gets published and this trend has dramatically increased recently. Sometimes, we see high quality things that are developed by an expert and this seems to be relevant and interesting for the blogs audience. So, we find out such type of things to find out whether it is relevant or not. Whether something should be deserved to be high in quality or it should be termed as spam.

Matt cutts have offered some advice and caution

Guest blogging is becoming a short lived craze because; we are getting to know that there are many people who are praying and sending invitations. “Very soon I am going to guest blog on such type of things. They are simply playing with guest blogs and don’t even produce unique content. I don’t think this is the way you can build links for your site. So, this should not be considered as a tactic”.

He also said that guest blogging is best when it is done in moderation. You don’t need to have more than hundred guest blogs all posted for your website within a short span of time. Matt cutts told.

Guest blogging should be done in moderation. It doesn’t need to be a full time job for finding people.


In this blog Matt cutts explains about guest blogging. If the guest blog is not up to the required standards it will be termed as paid link. He also said that guest blogging is good when it is done in moderation. You don’t need to spend your entire time writing guest blogs for directing people to your website. He also said that there is a rise in guest blogs that are not up to the desired standards and they are not even unique.

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