Interesting Impacts Of Penguin 2.1 Fresh Hits, Knockout, Punches And Recovery

Interesting Impacts Penguin 2.1 was released on October 4th. According to chief engineer Matt cutts “It has been a fascinating experience for me as more than thirty six websites were affected by penguin”.

Penguin 2.1 Has Bought Recovery

There are many people who will still not believe that their websites can come back to normal, which were affected by penguin. Matt cutts said “I have written numerous case studies to recover your website if it is affected by penguin 2.1. Once penguin 2.1 has affected, I quickly reviewed the reporting sent by the victims who were hit by penguin, I really wanted to the impact of our updated icy friend.

When I analyzed the penguin affected websites reporting, I noticed a jump in the organic traffic of Google that has started on October 4th. This client has come up with multiple issues and was badly affected by penguin and panda in the past. This is the reason many companies are still contacting.”

About A Penguin Recovery

A company was affected by a penguin update, but delayed to tackle their link problems when they were working on content issues and technical problems. For websites affecting penguin and panda updates you should be as quick as possible to maintain focus and recover from the hits of penguin. However, the reality is very tough and every company cannot move at the same speed.

This company was nothing different. They experienced improvement in technical fixes and content work and started to address penguin since the last months. But, unfortunately their growth was inhibited even when they enhance their SEO performance.

During the late summer, all the links that were unnatural were taken off as quickly as possible, while the links, which were not removed manually, were disavowed. In fact this is the approach I am recommending.

Based on the links, which were downloaded from the webmaster tools like open site explorer and majestic SEO this company tackled the problem of unnatural links in the best manners possible. My suggestion for any company, which is hit by this new algorithm, is to continue in the same manner as if they were not hit. All that you need to do is keep creating good and unique content and keep creating natural links. On October 4th a spike in organic traffic was following.

The Combination Of Penguin 2.1 And Penguin 2.0

The second thing, which I wanted to explain, is an unfortunate punch from both the penguins. You cannot even imagine that the penguin can give your website combination punch. When penguin 2.0 was launched they identified all the unnatural links and removed them. When they updated penguin 2.1 the sites were hit badly.


In this blog, you will come to know how penguin 2.1 is hitting and the ways you can recover. Since the launch of penguin 2.1 around thirty six websites were hit. The newly updated algorithm has hit these websites due to technical and content issues and bad linking practices. This update has surely destroyed the path of small and large websites all across the world.

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