Interesting Statistics Of Website Design

Web DesignAs professional marketers, we are always thinking to improve the quality of our website and this is what that keeps us awake all the night. We must be having a lot of questions in our mind like how should I enhance the layout? Do I need a clearer call for auctioning the home page?

Take A Look At Some Of The Most Interesting Statistics About A Website

  • More than 40% of website visitors leave the web page if the web page takes longer time to load.
  • Most of the retail sales in 2012 were influenced by websites
  • More than 46% of people who access a website through their mobiles face difficulty in interacting on a website and more than 44% have complained that the navigation facility was not good.
  • Most of the customer side respondents have revealed that they were committed to deliver the best experience for their visitors
  • 50% of people say that if they visit a business website that is not working they will have a bad impression on them and they think that the business simply does not care
  • 62% of businesses that created a website for mobile devices have witnessed increase in sales.
  • 22% of advertisers have said that they are well ahead of others when they are using responsive design
  • Most of the American advertisers said that a personalized and dynamic content is vital for improving the number of visitors to their website.
  • Around 55% of website design companies are conducting online experience testing.
  • While 78% of advertisers said that their website have gained success due to optimization results
  • 85 % of UK population has revealed that websites are the most important digital marketing platform
  • 9 out of 10 people are using multiple screens
  • Website visitors are more attracted towards real photographs and images instead of drawn pictures and cartoons
  • Website visitors do not wait more than twenty seconds for a page to be loaded
  • 95% of people agreed that good visitors experience always makes sense

All the website designs created these days are developed considering the website owner’s future missions and goal. Most of the visitors are attracted to websites that have lively images. The image should be displayed in such a manner that it should reveal the professionalism, of your business and the value of the service you offer.

A website is not only a website these days it is your business identity and the face of your firm, this is the reason why utmost importance should be given while creating a website. You should make sure that you are hiring a well established web development company like Quick innovations, who have rich experience and knowledge in all the aspects of web development.

A quality website depends on three fundamentals that are content, development and design. A website should be built in such a way it is appealing and it brings pleasure to the audience.


Developing a website has become a basic necessity for any type of business. A website is the back bone and the face of a business through, which you can interact and advertise your products and services to your potential customers. When you go through the statistics written in this blog, you will come to know the importance of creating a quality website that has quality images, content, design and it should be fast loading.

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