Steps To Follow For Getting A Flawless Pinterest Brand Page

Are you totally satisfied with your pinterest brand page? Are you looking to make it flawless? A flawless pinterest brand page can catch more number of followers. This is the most important aspect for increasing traffic to your website, generating sales and building brand awareness. For making sure your pinterest brand page is flawless you have to follow these points.

Uploading A Profile Image

The first and the foremost step are to upload a very good profile image that should be easily identified and attractive. As soon as the visitors visit your pinterest business page they should easily identify your brand page. The best thing for uploading a proper profile image is choosing a proper logo. If you can’t create a logo you have to create a picture on, which your business name or companies name is written.

Choosing Related User Name And Business Name

Your business name on pinterest should be similar to your companies’ name for identifying your brand name. You can also use the companies name as your user name, but you should also make sure that it is unique as only a single user can use it. Selecting a good business name and user name would make your pinterest business page to be easily located on the major search engines.

Filling About Section

For filling about section you have to write a short biography about your business. You can add information like what is your company engaged in, what it shares, and what the business page is all about. You have to keep this as brief as possible and it should not be more than 160 characters. The best way for helping people locate your business page on pinterest is by adding relevant keywords. You should make sure that the biography of your business is very informative.

Adding Social Media Platforms

Another option is by affixing social media platforms like facebook and twitter on your pinterest page. Affixing your twitter link on pinterest is necessary as it will help you locate your friends on twitter and also eases the task of sharing pins. Another advantage of doing this that the link of your twitter accounts will be displayed on the pinterest page.

Verify And Add Your Website

The next thing you should do is to verify and add your website so that people will be encouraged to visit your website. This will also let you know the performance of your website on pinterest.

Update Settings And Create Several Boards

Boards are the most important components for a pinterest business page. They can very well brand and beautify your business page on pinterest, which ultimately attracts more number of followers. So it is crucial to develop numerous boards. A pinterest brand page should have 6 to 10 boards.

Inviting Guest Pinners

You can invite guest pinners for building relationships, driving massive engagement and attracting followers.

Promoting Your Page

After you have finished de      veloping you business page on pinterest the next step is to promote it by attracting more number of followers.


Pinterest is the third largest social media platform and it creates enriched social experience for brands and pinners online. You will get your business best in pinterest if you follow the points I have mentioned in this blog. Having an account on pinterest also connects your followers on facebook and twitter pages. Choosing an accurate business name and adding a good biography on the about page will lead you to success on pinterest.

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