10 Online Pr Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

mistakeYou must be familiar with Murphy’s Law which says “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Therefore, you should not take anything for granted. While talking about SEO, the area which can potentially go wrong is online public relations.


There are some of the mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Links in Press Release have no importance

Press release is known to be an effective tool through which a story is developed in front of journalists. They are in charge of offering a clean link in article which is based on independent site and you do not have any control in it and so it does not create any SEO value.

But, at the same time when writers and bloggers read this article and write a post on their own blog and add you as a link to the process, then that link can surely deliver SEO value.

  1. Press Release does not concentrate on specific news

It is necessary to concentrate on a single story about your client. Though, there is innumerable news available about your clients and it is simply irresistible to focus on single story. Therefore, you have opportunity to offer link to client’s online press center where readers can gain access to ample news.

  1. Is your Press Release Newsworthy?

The most common mistake done by people is that many companies publish press releases that are not newsworthy. Keyword rich anchor text available in press release was once the highlight of SEO, but concept in present times has entirely changed. Before, publishing any press release understands does your press release contain relevant news?

  1. Press Release is not in qualified hands

Be selective while distributing press release so that you can gain maximum value through it. Some of the effective ways through which press release can get into right hands are:

  • Journalists who have written for you in past
  • Select journalists about whom you might not be aware personally, but known through well research
  • Journalists who are enlisted in large distribution list


  1. Lack of control on different aspects

Public relation involves a large group of people. Proper coordination is necessary to make a PR successful, but in most cases it is found due to involvement of numerous people there is a chance of miscommunication which finally can create a disaster. So, there is no control on different aspects that are occurring inside organization.

  1. Press Release not attractive enough

Do you have an attention grabbing headline and first paragraph of press release? This is the essential aspect that will hold attention of readers. So, spend good time on developing a killer headline and write convincing first paragraph.

  1. Not ready with actual facts

In case you have opportunity to attract attention of reputed magazines and newspapers, then it is probable that their journalist will get in touch and will be eager to know more about news and you. Therefore, it is essential to be well aware of all the necessary information that can act on your favor. Be confident while dealing with journalist.

  1. Journalists are in too much pressure

Journalists work in strict deadlines and therefore, they will not get into stores that do not evoke immediate interest. So, you should write story that seems to be ready for final publication. If journalists find the press release newsworthy, then you have maximum chance of getting the news published.

  1. Do not focus on follow-up process

Most of the journalists will express their irritation against follow up calls, so it is important to make story interesting that will provoke them for immediate publication. However, follow-up can also result in getting additional stories. But, to publish your article it is necessary to pitch journalists from different angle of story and convince them.

  1. Do not get maximum editorial links

It is important to get maximum amount of editorial links and everyone is delighted to get editorial link from established magazines and newspapers. Though there is no secret behind getting such links, there are certainly few things that can increase the chance of getting those links.

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