All about incredible Google Tricks you should learn

Google is one of the best search engines that have altered the outlook of Internet search. It became the guide to many people as it shows any kind of information all over the world. The scientists at Google plex continuously strive to develop the software that is more remarkable and more user-friendly when compared to its tricks

Google also has a kind of sense of humor and is not the difficult codes and algorithms. Like a youngster, it tinkers in playing pranks.

1. Look of Google in 1998

You will definitely, observe a quiet lot changes if you compare 1998 Google and 2015 Google. It gives you a retro version of your searched query page before the year 2000 and it only serves you this feel on the initial page, and not for the other pages.

2. Know about Atari Breakout

Generally, most of the companies will not allow the access for certain websites. In that case, just type the word “Atari Breakout” in Google searches Images. It shows a pinball style game that allows you to relieve stress. You can come back to normal search page by pressing the ‘Return to image search’ button on the apex.
3. Recognize what exactly “Do a barrel Roll” is about

Open your Google search page and type ‘do a barrel roll’ and see what has happened to that web page. It will be a very funny trick that rotates your screen 180 degrees once.

 4. “Tilt” trick in Google

Typing the word ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ will make your web page to tilt aside

5. All about “Google underwater”

Type the word “Google Underwater” in the Google search box and just bang on the primary result. It depicts an underwater scene with different kinds of fishes and sharks roaming give you a sea look. Typing anything in that will sink the Google bar even more deep into the sea. Keep on typing search queries and see that how many queries will take the Google search bar to the bottom of the sea.

6. Press the button-I’m feeling Lucky

In earlier days, pressing on this particular button on the Google web page took you to the first significant result..After that, Google has upgraded it to markup a variety of options.I’m Feeling Trendy; this option will keep you updated with the latest events all over the world.

I’m Feeling Doodles, will let you enjoy the numerous doodles that Google has created over the years to show out all the special occasions.Apart from these two options, if you shift your pointer over the button “I’m Feeling Lucky”, you will observe that various options revolve like a slot machine until it clicks a particular option.

Each and every option will drive you to a particular website. It works on the US-based Google website only.

 7. Trick- Zerg Rush

Typing this word “zerg rush” in the Google search bar starts up an arcade game in Google web page, in this game O’s aim to eat up all the search results, and you need to shoot them to stop to save your search results.

It’s a method used by the Zergs in Starcraft to crush enemies when they jump down and hit in a crowd all at one time.

8. Know what exactly ‘Google Gravity’ means

Type the word ‘Google Gravity’ and this increases the gravity in that page and the entire page falls down. You can still play with all buttons and throw them transversely over the page. After some time, the whole page is sucked in and destroys to the core and it can be restored.

9. Google Sphere trick

Type Google Sphere in Google search bar for an even enhanced effect. Suddenly, all the buttons in the Google homepage rotate around its axis.

10.In detail information about “Google Space”

Type the word ‘Google Space’ in the search bar and click on the foremost search result. The Google page will experience a feeling of buoyancy and float away gradually.

11.Know about Epic and Weenie Google

Type Epic Google in the Google search bar and click on the first result. This raises the size of the Google home page and it becomes too large to the knob. Similarly, typing the word ‘Weenie Google’ will shrink the page to its core.

 12.About the trick-elgooG

Type ‘elgoog’ in the Google and clack on the first search result. This provides a mirror image of the Google homepage. Typing in it will overturn the words and search results too.

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