E commerce web designing trends for 2013

This is a world of electronic commerce and the customer is regarded as the king. That is the reason e commerce web design trends are changing at a fast pace and are constantly enhanced to offer the best experience to the users. The wants and requirements of online customers have advanced, so are the mobile technologies and ecommerce techniques changing.

Here is some of the expected web designing trends for 2013

Face book integration

The most popular social media sites have become advantageous to ecommerce. By using these popular social media sites you can easily share products with your friends that are worth buying. An ecommerce site can be integrated with a face book account, which will ultimately send more traffic to the ecommerce websites.

Faster and faster

Today’s users expect the pages to be loaded in no time. In the past shoppers used to wait for 7 seconds for a page to get loaded, but in 2013 the tolerance level has come down to 3 seconds. These have become very challenging for all the ecommerce companies that deal in a huge number of products, because more the number of products increase on the page, the longer time it takes for loading the page. For coming over this problem you need to test the speed of your site to check out the ways to improve it.

Advanced personalization

Products based on past customers buying preferences will no longer serve any purpose now. Many people are looking for new products that can improve their lives, but they do not want to buy the items they already own. For instance, instead of recommending visitors to improve their exercise habits, you can ask them to improve their exercise plans.


Today’s consumers are shifting towards responsive designs and are mobile dependent and these have become popular means to display products. Crisp edges, flat illustrations, bold colors, and airy white spaces have replaced skeuomorphic designs and complex textures. Thus, an ecommerce platform can help you to achieve usable and simple design.


With the invention and release of windows 8 and the growing focus on content first designs, numerous websites are following the designs that are similar to the metro theme. Metro designs arrange the content into different sizes of boxes, large icons, rollover effects and photographs.

Responsive design

Responsive web designing trend started in 2012 and is still followed in 2013. Responsive design uses CSS for restyling and also makes use of single design to display different screen sizes and devices. The expansion of tablet and smart phone has enabled web designers to find better ways to provide similar content for a large number of devices and the visitor doesn’t need to download.

Retina support

Apple has introduced Retina displays last year in iphone 4, MacBook pro laptops, ipad and others. Retina display is the brand name for Liquid crystals, which gets displayed with a higher density. Numerous web developers in 2013 have adopted the usage of CSS responsive designs and higher resolutions imagery, which accommodates users to browse apple devices that are facilitated with retina displays.

Infinite scrolling

Some of the famous social media sites like face book, pinterest, DNA tumblr and many others have supported infinite scrolling. This facilitates the user to load more amount of content, when he scrolls down to the bottom page. Many designers have adapted the usage of infinite scrolling to eliminate pagination, enhance users experience and load a single page without loading all the pages.

Today, we find a large number of ecommerce web design agency that have employed skilled and expert designers to create beautiful ecommerce web design. For finding affordable ecommerce web design you need to research the right company that uses the latest tools introduced in 2013.

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