How to Become a Google Ad words Certified Partner.

Google which is considered to be the master of all search engines and an organization which is best at what they do starting from following the ethics to the satisfaction bench marks of their employees across the globe. Google not only for take care of their employees but also the external agencies and individuals who wants to be part of them, one such opportunity and platform for outside agencies and individuals is their certification programmes, which are known and world famous.


Among them the important one is “Google certified ad words Partner programme”. This is provided to the competent agencies and individuals who are good and proficient at the basic aspects of ad words. The certification is awarded to them based on the success of examinations which are conducted by Google. Following are the list of exams, which can be attempted for FREE with just a Google free sign-up membership and also the material which is provided by Google.

  • Ad words Fundamentals
  • Search advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping advertising


The benefit of this programme is huge, and one can claim the certification as approved online advertising professional and can use this title for getting the business in online and from offline sources.

The certification will give an added advantage to the professional to claim that, the certification is approved by google and one can take the help of him or her for advertising with Google through various available platforms created by Google.

If one individual from any organization gets this certification, then the organization can take the credit of this trustworthy certification and can display this to their clients who are looking for online advertising, the agency or an organization can enhance their clients list with this Google Ad word certification.


  • One must remember that, this is the exam from Google and not from any local or known out sider, hence everything will to of high quality with utmost importance is being given to application and knowledge part.
  •  It’s better to take one exam at a time, and down load the material which is related to that particular exam only and read them completely and thoroughly.
  • Many successful participants of Ad words fundamentals exam share that, it’s better to have a hard copy of this same material for easy reference and for a comfortable study. Though each one of us will have a different pattern of study curve and study style, based on your style of study, understanding and retention one can choose the method of studies and preparation for this exam.
  • The basic test consists of “ hundred questions, you need to answer them in one twenty minutes of time, without any pauses, modifications and corrections by going back to the pages”, the passing bench mark is eighty percent and if you are not successful in your first attempt then the nest attempt is allowed only after SEVEN days.
  • Hence you need to be careful while preparing for the exam and understanding the concepts of online marketing and its related subject, before opting for the exam.
  • One can register for the exam with, free Google signup registration as an individual or as an agency, once the registration process is complete then one can down load the material and study, if you think you are ready for the exam then log – in to the Google account and select the exams under the certification tab and go for it.
  • Read terms and conditions very carefully, because that will help you in understanding Google better, about their procedures, terms and policies etc.

We are in web design and digital marketing, we give you guidance for the Google partner certification.

Once you complete one exam then plan for the next certification and then so on. All the best.

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