Google Introduces Helpouts: Now You Can Get Help From Expert Professionals

Expert ProfessionalsWhen you are not able to understand something or facing any difficulty in performing any task then you can take help from experts through live videos. It is all about getting help from real persons in a flexible time. The main mission of Google is to provide answers to its visitors and now it has introduced a better manner for doing it.

On its official blog Google has shared some interesting news of launching a new program for helping people right from the comfort of their homes. Helpouts, which is introduced by Google, enables you to select the persons from whom you can attain help, which depends on their availability, their ratings, their qualifications and their price.

Now, you can get almost any kind of help and get answers in a short span of time. Once you have logged in to help out you have the option to do many more things other than talking. This is just a beginning and they are going to start many more categories and as the time passes the number of people offering help will increase. Help out might not match the requirements of all the occasions and it is surely going to take time for getting used to interact using video.

On a helpouts site, you will be able to search for experts with an ease. For instance, I searched for an expert for improving my writing skills and I got the names and pricings of the expert teacher. If you are looking to improve your fitness and looking for some advice then you will be finding some people who will be giving you vital information for improving your fitness and they might charge you anywhere around 1 $ to 25 $ for a minute.

Experts Have Been Verified By Google

I guess many of you might be thinking that getting help from these people might be risky as who knows they might not be experts as they have mentioned. But, Google told that all the experts available in helpouts are verified. For example health care and medical care professionals will be verified by checking their certificates, other than this Google is not having an expert for all the topics to find out whether a person is an expert or not.

Of course, there are many risks involved beyond losing your money. If you have got a really bad advice then the situation would become even worse.

It is not a first attempt of Google to get paid experts. The first one was launched in the year 2002 and it was closed in 2006. As online, videos are easily accessible in the present time it has got easier for Google for fulfilling the future items promise. Google also told that it is hoping that global reach, receptiveness and efficiency will be making people’s lives much easier.

You might not find some expert professionals in your home town. So, Google’s helpouts might be another option for you to get help from experts while interacting with them on live videos.


Google has recently introduced helpouts where you can get expert advice through live videos. If you don’t know how to solve a problem or you want to learn a new skill or hobby then you can login to helpouts where you will find many expert professionals who will be ready to give you advice and they would charge you on a minute or a hourly basis.

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