Google Is Not Considering GeoLocation Techniques

GeoLocation Through geo location technique, you will get to know the location of any object like a computer, mobile phone or radar. Geolocation works by looking at the visitors IP address. An IP address includes information such as city, region, country, postal code, time zone, longitude and latitude.

The most important rule of search engine optimization is to ensure that you are submitting the same content to the visitors and the search bot software of Google named Googlebot. Several years ago this technique was a spam related technique when Googlebot was shown a different version of the webpage and the users accessed a different version.

So, if you are employing geolocating technique for serving the audiences of a specific country then how are you going to handle this?

Using geolocation technique will be against Google. I am providing this important information to the visitor that is about geographical detection. The question is “Is Google considering it as spamming if the user x is shown a different content than user y.

Google’s engineer Matt Cutts explained about the right usage of geo locating by the webmasters so that Google doesn’t penalize you. According to him geo targeting will not be considered spamming. For example “If a visitor came from French IP address then you can direct him to the French version of your webpage or French domain of your business.” This is absolutely fine.

Matt Cutts also explained that Googlebot must not be treated differently than any ordinary user who has visited your website.

So, when Googlebot comes you have to examine the IP address and imagine it has come from United States. You can redirect Googlebot to dot com version or US version. Whatever it might be you will be serving US users. So, geo targeting is not considered as spamming.

Matt Cutts also explained that Google is treating traffic in a different manner based on their geographical location. So, when a person searches for something he will be sent to the most suitable page that is based on different signals, but it all depends upon the visitors IP address.

When it is about the content you are providing to Googlebot and the visitor. Matt Cutts said “Showing a different content to the search engine and the visitor would be taken as cloaking something. If you are showing different content to Google then this is the thing he would be very careful. It is absolutely fine if you are treating Googlebot in the same manner as you are treating the other visitors. Whatever geographical location they are coming from if you are not having a special code that finds the visitor and are treating Googlebot and visitor in the same manner then everything will be fine”.

When it is about geo location, you will not face any problems as long as you ensure that you are submitting Googlebot the same thing that you are submitting to the users.


The cardinal rule of search engine optimization is that is to ensure that you are providing the same content to Googlebot that is provided to the end visitors. The search engine should be treated in the same manner as the end user. If you are serving country identified content to the end users you will not be penalized if you ensure that you are serving Googlebot the same content as you are serving to the end user.


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