Google start giving a high priority to https sites and boost up your rankings

Https sslThe Google search algorithm is an ever-changing one that has come up with yet another change. It has caused the website owners to find a web design company that can help you with that. And this time it is this https ranking signal that they have chosen to rank sites on their search engine. The secure version of http or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, this https or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, was so far limited only to the use of online banking as well as e-commerce transactions and e-mail applications.

This protocol is, however, used to make sure that those transactions are being performed with safety and security. As an https site will be encrypted to a digital SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer, it can easily be stated whether that site has a valid SSL Certification or not. This way the users were far from the threat of fraud. But this new declaration from Google regarding this change to be used as their new rank boosting factor is a sudden bolt from the blue.

Although there have been many other factors that are crucially important in increasing your page rank in Google search engine result pages, it is also very important that you take care of this latest addition from Google. Although so far Google has not very explicitly disclosed their changes in public, but this time it is a clear indication of warning from them.

However, those website owners who are still associated with http must migrate to https as soon as possible. Google highlights that this change is designed only to keep everyone safe in the internet. This https is one of those page ranking signals that will certainly have a positive impact. However, for that you will need to choose a cheap web design company that can help you with this migration.

As a good website designing company will have a thorough knowledge of every step of creating a new https website as well as changing an http site into this new format. This will also enhance the speed of the site. Many people however have this misconception that creating an https website or to migrate an existing http site into this new platform will cost huge. The fact is, however, otherwise.

When you choose the right website design company, they will create your site at a cheap cost. And this price is not a suitable parameter for the quality of that website, as price will always be cost effective. All that a website owner has to do is choose a plan that will suit his or her budget. But the point remains same that it is not the only factor that would control or affect the page rank of your site.

The importance of content, links, creativity and navigation etc. are very important in boosting up your page rank. And all these tasks can be efficiently and effectively done only in case you hire a good website designing company to design your cheap eCommerce site. Remember, it is the traffic and business that it your main target. And for that, you must have a good page rank. So, along with these other factors have your site registered to https. Boost your page rank in Google and increase page rank and traffic.

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