How Multi-Location Brand Succeeded Using Seo And Listing Management?

managementFor all the multi-located brands it is very essential to provide strong local search facility with easy visibility. Quality of top search engines like Google increasing every time so terms regarding local branded and unbranded have vital roles now in search engine result pages. For this credit must be given to Graph and Local Carousel.

People now a day prefer to know about the nearby famous shops as per their requirement. For this they use top search engines in their PC which can be a desktop or laptop, in mobile apps and maps and GPS can also detect shopping malls. Each transaction that is done by any user in Internet, it is linked to a geo-coordinate on their devices.

Actually your consumers’ location or their device should not be the things to worry. Your service should be with them always whenever they want to do any search for any goods of any brand or any service of yours.

The concepts of search engine optimisation and management of local listing are completely different technologies. But in various ways they are strongly related with each other which makes the top brands to compete and get the top position in the search engine result page. But the ranks on the result pages are based on the following factors:

  • Local SEO: Use of on-page validation is a must.
  • Local Landing: High standard local landing page for users
  • Relevant Back links: Back links should be provided on all directories and IYPs using listing validation on the pages.

Local SEO and SEM are not those things which have fixed concepts. These change every time and to keep your site up to that quality you have to use SEO and SEM regularly which can be time consuming, money consuming and tedious too. But to stay at that position where you want, you have to optimize your web pages accordingly.

In organic searches for various terms local SEO offers great knowledge about ranking of websites. These rankings are often gets improved when localized web addresses are attached with search engines. Few techniques related to it are as follows.

  • Use of Localised Tags
  • Optimisation in Meta Description
  • Use of Localised Schema Markup
  • Find URL structure
  • Find location of on page contents.

Those who find it difficult to use structured data they will face problems in near future. Google is now targeting more to rely on better web contained pages and suggests every webmaster to use the structure of

Though structure data only is not enough to improve the rank because showcase of high quality snippets and further enhancements are necessary to improve and stay at the favorable position.

Local landing pages are mostly consisting of engaging, rich texts and high standard optimisation still few of them fail to reach there. So these are the factors you need to remember in case of Local landing pages.

  • Separate experience for mobile and PC users.
  • Maps direction for easy localized dictation.
  • Operation for longer including holidays.
  • Local media and links sharing.
  • List of services and products available at various locations.
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