How should you fix if your blog is crummy?

your blog is crummyIf you don’t write quality blogs frequently or write it in a commercial manner then this will have a bad impression on the readers.

Even if the blog written by you sucks don’t worry, you could still amend it and make it a ruler in your industry.

Have a look at some of the reasons due to which your blog looks crummy

You post intermittently

How frequently do you write a blog? Once in a week, a month, a year or whenever you are in a mood to write. If this is your blog writing routine then your blog will most probably suck.

Make sure that you are getting stray visitors from time to time, but whenever they notice that you are posting irregularly then they will not intend to come back again. They might think your blog does not exist, so they will disappear.

You are a ceaseless self advertiser

News oriented persons will not show any interest to read your blog if you are over promoting your services, products and company.

It is always good to make large announcements or speak about newly launched on any important occasion. It is always ok to add relevant features of the software applications. For example, in blog posts where it would make sense don’t promote your products and services each and every time you write a blog. This is what sales driven pages meant for.

Your writing sucks

It is a true fact that every person has different set of skills and strengths. You might not be a good writer. In fact, it is very often noticed that a small business person performs multiple functions he is the accountant, CEO, founder, web master and blogger. If you’re writing skills are not up to mark you will post blogs that are grammatically incorrect, poorly structured, rambling and unfocused.

How to come over this problem: writing and typing is different. If you’re writing skills are no up to the current industry standards you should employ that is proficient in writing.

When your blog contains guest posts

You might be busy and don’t have enough time to write blogs and anything you are doing all these days is publishing guest blogs and this might become spammy. Frequent readers will have a wrong impression that you are only looking to grab traffic. Or else they might think you don’t pay much attention when you are writing blogs.

When you don’t react to comments

Readers who spend considerable amount of time commenting on the articles or blogs posted by you and when you don’t respond them they will not come back again. If you are no responding on time then you will be missing many opportunities to interact with the readers and create a community.

Every post is keyword oriented

It is not wrong to undertake keyword research for creating the content strategy. But, if you post every blog for search audiences then your blog will become tedious.

If a person reads your blog and if it is prompting on the pop up then it is fine. However, if the pop ups is seen for every minute then this really sucks. It will not only kill the visitor’s experience, but also the trust of your website.


Is your blog crummy? If you don’t publish detailed and engaging content for the readers that doesn’t give good value then it will most probably suck. It will be really daunting to create readership and many numbers of audiences if you are posting irregularly and take long breaks without posting any blogs.

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