How to create buyer personas and re-organize your content strategy?

strategyIt’s necessary to have a concrete idea about buyer personas and buyer journeys. It’s essential that as a web content manager or a website manager you understand what your buyers/readers are doing online and analyze their shopping patterns. This way you will be able to customize your offerings to suit their demands. In this respect is also important to think about the perspective of the payer apart from the end user. For example in case of baby food (which the baby consumes), the mother is usually the one purchasing it.

Understand your target group

In terms of buyer persona creation, the very first step that comes to the mind is audience interviews. Remember that your audience is created of potential consumers who do not have a comprehensive idea about your offerings. You will want to capture 2 kinds of data when you interview your audience; psychographic and demographic. Demographic data consists of statistics related to age, occupation, geographic position, income and gender.

Psychographic information consists of real time knowledge about user buying process, opinions, internet activities, buying process and the product use specifications. Some questions you can ask are “what considerations do you think of before buying the product or subscribing to service?” or “how long have you been shopping for this service”. An interview shouldn’t last for more than 15 minutes and you should be able to conduct at least done interviews for your target segment.

Market segmentation using the information channel

Now that you have all your raw data, you will need to understand how to segment it completely and categories it. Typically you will use 3 segments; awareness, consideration and decision making process.


Areas covered in the awareness section would be

How to decide which issues need addresal?

Recognition of an issue that’s important to be addressed.

The first step taken by the target audience after this decision was reached.


Consideration stage you will need to look at the following points

Deduction of the values which drove consumers of services and products.

Areas looked into by the user who wanted the issue to be addressed.


Decision making process covers the following areas

Features of products or audience issues that influenced a purchase decision.

The method of purchase or the details of the buying process.

Things members of audience did after purchasing the product or service.


Brainstorming your way to success

Success in this case is defined by getting target audience to reach each of the three stages. The target user has to reach each stage like awareness, consideration and then decision making. When these stages are about to be reached, as an internet marketer you have to try to make your target audience complete them fast. These stages are nothing but all most critical areas where you can score a point over your competitors.

This entire process is known as building a buyer persona and it’s crucial to ultimate success of your business venture. Formalization of each person shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

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