How to do Link Building keeping in mind International Search Engine Optimisation?

link buildingLink building has always been a hot topic in SEO. If you are aware of SEO strategies, then you should definitely have the basics of link building and its importance in SEO. But, there are still people around who are new to this idea, so here is a quick thought on link building.

Understanding link building

To begin with, the first question that comes to mind is what do you mean by link building? It is known to be a strategy of series of tactics that enables to increase website linking to another page or domain. There are some factors that are included such as:

  • Number of links gained that is related to specific page from any other unique domains.
  • Unique characteristics of the websites link to page or any domain.
  • Number of links positioned and the text that is involved in hyperlink of page.

If any website is having huge number of inbound links it is obvious to increase the ranking of the page in search engines. The value of any link is analyzed through its relevance and popularity.


Take your site to International level

In order to take your website to an international level, it is important to think like the International search engine. Ask yourself few questions that will help to gain better ranking in search engine and will establish the site on international market.

Some of the questions are:

  • Look into the content of your site and analyze whether it is relevant to visitors from other countries?
  • Any other popular sites and authors from other country finding interest in linking to your website?
  • Are the people from different country, consider your site to be a good resource while writing on your website topic?

Country Code Top-level Domains

Firstly, understand your targeted countries and make sure that you get links from same country. Target specific regions in case of link building can help to acquire links from country code top level domain that actually matches the country that you are targeting. In order to follow this method, there are different SEO tools available which will allow analyzing the available backlinks from targeted country and it makes your SEO campaign easier.

Relation with PR

You might be surprise to know that there is a huge similarity between good link building campaign and media relations. It is a fact that everybody looks for a reputable sources to write about you and then link to your site. But, do not expect all news outlets to hyperlink your site.

Therefore, you should look for relevant and important sites that you plan to target and now develop a plan to get links from them. It is not only applicable for large news sites, but also to bloggers and directory sites as well.


Keep in mind just one thing, that your link building strategies would not be same to that of domestic efforts. Firstly understand the target countries and then get into the media culture to gain benefits through the region. Do huge amount of research and give maximum effort while targeting other country and making it international.

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