How to Know and What Should You Do When Your Website has been Hacked?

Normally many of us think that our websites are safe place to keep the content and also to put up our personnel and professional profiles in online, but unfortunately these days many websites are hacked by the hackers for their own reasons. But it’s not good for the web site owners, since their complete website is blocked and is not accessible by the online users for the visibility purpose and to look around the site content and information.

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Therefore, it is must to know whenever the website is hacked and also to do the things when the website is hacked by the online hackers for wrong reasons.

Following are the important points on how to know and what should one have to do, when his or her website is hacked.

Hint # 1: Have Web Security:

Today around sixty percent of the websites are running on content management system tools. Therefore it’s better to have its own security for the website initially. Like the Better WP SECURITY I the word press. The word press plug-in, is a very helpful tool for word press based websites, to know if there are any abnormal changes to the website and if there is any problem to the website. The plug-in will help us in identifying the code insertion or any other change into the website and will help the website owner by giving the indication that, there is something wrong with the website.

This is considered to be the best tool for word press sites to identify the hacking related issues immediately.


Hint # 2: Have Google Web Master Tools:

Another best tool, to use to know when the website is hacked, is the GOOGLE WEB MASTER TOOLS, as many are aware that, the Google is considered to be the best and much updated search engine and google also helps the owners and customers by providing the tool, which is known as Google Web Master Tools.

This is helpful in identifying if there are any errors in the website and regular scan process of Google Web Master Tools, will immediately inform the website owner about the problems.

Hint # 3: Regular Check:

Instead of waiting till, it gets the hit and knowing it by message will be too late process, the important step to do is to check the website reports and files regularly and better to identify at the early stage, if there are any abnormal movement and traffic to the website, from the different and unusual places. Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

STEPS to do when the WEBSITE is hacked?

Step #1: INFORM the HOST:

As soon as you know that, the website is hacked, the first step to do is without getting any panic, inform the web site host about the hacking issue and ask them for further procedure to do and follow.

Step # 2: Have a thorough Check:

The second step to do is, to check all the files and the working system thoroughly to find any wrong files to stop the further damage and do the damage control immediately by deleting the unnecessary files and cleaning up the system. A thorough check of files and system is must to do the damage control and stop the viral effect from spreading further.


It is found that many websites are attacked, since they have very poor passwords and don’t have any minimum security for the system and website. So it’s must to have a protective password and its advised to check the files at the back up end.

The backup files will help us in knowing which data we have and which needs to be updated, after the hacking effect.

Hopefully these hints will help How to Know and What Should You Do When Your Website has been Hacked?

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