Introduction To Seo And Integrated Marketing

Integrated MarketingThe SEO industry is varying at a rapid pace. Previously if a website needed to result in search engine results it required a few ingredients that are clean and crawl able information, strong technical background and good use of keywords on the URLs and the pages. But, now the ingredients and rules have considerably changed, you should be knowledgeable about responsive design, branding, content implementation, design, strategy, structured data, social media and analytics and this list is going to go further in the coming years. As a good online marketer, you should have superior level of understanding about all these disciplines and the way they will be working together. However, it is next to impossible to have a specialty in all these disciplines. Many of these specialties have established themselves for a good amount of time and now they have matured and improved. You should learn how search engine optimisation can be integrated with all these online marketing divisions.

Why Do You Need Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is nothing but implementation and strategy of unifying and leveraging various kinds of marketing activities. The main mission is to reinforce and complement the impact of these online marketing methodologies, which ultimately enables the marketing process to be consistent across various mediums and also be efficient in improving business bottom line and marketing objectives.

Check Out Some Statistics Of Overall Digital Advertising Expenditure

Companies from various industries spend more than 2.5% of their average annual income on digital advertising.

Companies are spending around 25% of their advertising budget on digital advertising and especially on these kinds of online advertising activities.

  • Content management and creation
  • Online and digital advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Company blog
  • Maintenance, development and design of a corporate website
  • Analytics
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video production
  • Commerce experiences
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • And many others

According to a survey conducted, companies are spending on an average 11% of their digital advertising budget on search engine marketing. However, it was also found that only 9% of companies rated search engine marketing as their major contributor to marketing success. Around 45% of the surveyed companies said that development, design and maintenance of a website contributed a lot to their marketing success.

Good Examples Of Integrated Marketing

Branding, Content And SEO

Content is a great passion for me because I like telling stories to help my clients and create a fabulous brand, so this would be personally fulfilling. In several manners, SEO and content are related to each other especially in the present world where there are numerous individuals who have developed a habit to research information using the World Wide Web. I have personally found that many individuals are purchasing items based on the information published on the internet. This means if you want to be successful in search engine optimisation you have to make sure that you are developing content that has great loyalty to its readers, relays trustworthiness and it should also remain vigilant about online reputation.



The world of SEO is changing at a tremendous pace. For being successful in your online marketing strategy you need to integrate SEO with other online advertising channels like social media marketing, email marketing, video production and mobile marketing. In this blog you will come to know how companies are spending on their online advertising strategies and the most successful digital marketing channels.

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