Latest F Commerce Strategies

Facebook is the top most social media platform that was established in 2004. Today, it has around five hundred million users.

Facebook is not only a place for connecting and sharing some interesting stuff, but it has also become a great tool for marketing. The top three brands of Facebook are Disney, starbucks and coca cola. All these brands utilize Facebook for selling their products. It has also been predicted by retail analysts that there will be more sales occurring on Facebook than Amazon.

Today, Facebook is filled up with attractive pictures of all varieties. As soon as time line was introduced on Facebook the videos, photos and visual content had a rapid improvement in engagement. As the spot light is included on the photos Facebook has changed in a manner that captions will be viewed.

For improving income and making backer happy Facebook is making more and more advertisements all across its social site. It was recently revealed by the company that, it has more than one million companies marketing their business website on Facebook.

Integrate your pinterest and Facebook strategies

According to a survey conducted, it was found that more than 98% of Pinterest account holders also had an account on Facebook and twitter. If you share your Pinterest and Facebook strategies your company will have a better visibility on the news feed.

Your business growth

If you want to improve your business growth through Facebook you should make it a point to post quality content with relevant images. This will ultimately increase the number of likes on your business Facebook page and of course your popularity too.

About Facebook news feed

On average Facebooks users news feed filters around one thousand possible stories. But as soon as Facebooks algorithm gets into work only 20% stories successfully land on the users feed. As a marketer, you should make sure that the content you have posted comes in that 20%.

For creating a better Facebook strategy and attaining more number of likes on Facebook business page, it would be a wise option to hire a professional social media marketing service provider like Quick innovations that is an expert company for providing extensive Facebook marketing services.


Group buying

Facebook has amalgamated with group buying. Through Facebook numerous brands are also using group buying for enhancing their sales in their stores.

Facebook has appointed Mendelsohan as European lead

On 7th may 2013 Facebook has appointed former IPA president and Kamara executive chairman as the vice president for Europe. She replaced Joanna Shields, who left Facebooks prestigious job in January. Mendelsohn has started her role in July and was given the responsibility for enhancing Facebooks marketing revenue and improve relationships with businesses and brands all across eastern and central Europe, the whole Europe, Russia, Africa and Middle East.

Facebook has also created UK marketing advisory board that comprises agency marketers and senior brands.


Facebook is the most dominant and famous social media site all across the world. Today, Facebook has become a great place for promoting and exploring your items and services. Through Facebook you can easily update and engage with your potential customers with new product launches. Facebooks postings generally includes service updates, product updates and news updates.



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