Strategies to ensure that your link building attempts work well

ID-100215040Whoever said that the back link building technique for traffic generation didn’t work anymore was wrong. There are ways you can make Google approve of your backlinking strategies.

Google lead analytic and spokesperson Matt Cutts says that link building is going to last many more years as a good traffic attracting technique in the industry. Links work very well for assessing the reputation of various websites and links. Free link building software which delivers a slew of unnatural links however does not work that well since Google Penguin is specially made to detect the existence of unnatural or artificial links. In fact Google’s restraint towards links of dubious nature leads many analysts to question the utility of links altogether.

What does the future hold?

Link building, according to Matt Cutts will only work if human intervention and intelligence is factored in. Controversial statements used sparingly in the process of link building can work wonders.

Humour is also a weapon you can use effectively to hone up your link building skills. The trick is to locate relevant virtual forums, online communities, blogs and other publication sites where you can go and authentically post back links. The point is to go as an interested community participant who is genuinely interested to contribute to the material.

If done intelligently, link building does hold a lot of promise.

What techniques to use?

If you want to really succeed in back link posting then doing a little original research can take you a long way ahead. This way it’s possible to contribute to the online wealth of knowledge (Google always appreciates original research). If you manage to publish some of your work online then it will lend you credibility and authorship.

Social analytics specialists say that social media is where the target audience is at their best engagement levels. An audience analysis to determine the kind of social websites that the target consumers use is required. Making an effort to know the focus consumers through a friendly interactive medium is the best technique that can be used in this situation. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest are some of the best places where you can try.

How to make sure that your link strategy works?

Select and make a filtered list of websites, online journals, pages and directories where you will get the best audience for your links. Name this list as the best list and make sure that it is used in a sparing way. Make sure that you have a credible list of published online material to your credit which will make your links valuable and sought for in the eyes of major search engines like Google.

An online tutorial will be useful for the target audience. Many consumers actively look forward to receiving how to and to-do tutorials. Some intelligently created software and plugins (given away for free) will make the audience seek towards your established backlinks.

The most important message is that spamming links is no longer an option if organic traffic creation is the goal. Make sure that you factor in intelligence and utility in your links to attract visitors.

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2 thoughts on “Strategies to ensure that your link building attempts work well

  1. If your articles are well written, they will be picked up by other webmasters and this will help build even more back links to your
    site. The Google algorithm fluctuates and changes on a daily basis and nobody knows for certain what the future holds for linking signals.
    If the quality of the links is good, Google increase his trust
    in your site.