Google start giving a high priority to https sites and boost up your rankings

Https sslThe Google search algorithm is an ever-changing one that has come up with yet another change. It has caused the website owners to find a web design company that can help you with that. And this time it is this https ranking signal that they have chosen to rank sites on their search engine. The secure version of http or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, this https or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, was so far limited only to the use of online banking as well as e-commerce transactions and e-mail applications. Continue reading

How to unravel the algorithmic mysteries of Google?

UnravelAlgorithms manager Matt Cuts of Google Inc decodes some of the mysteries presented by Google. He says that whenever a Google analyst is working on deciphering a shift in quality of content presented by a random site, he systematically collates information sent by thousands of raters employed by Google. The sole job of these guys is to keep evaluating the content and then categorizing it as great, okay, bad and spam. There are thousands of varying criteria that go into making such categorizations. The aggregate data is always presented in the form of a flux which either moves up or down on basis of responses to content in question. Whenever a particular piece of content changes, its flux also changes and this can be either good or bad. Continue reading

How to create buyer personas and re-organize your content strategy?

strategyIt’s necessary to have a concrete idea about buyer personas and buyer journeys. It’s essential that as a web content manager or a website manager you understand what your buyers/readers are doing online and analyze their shopping patterns. This way you will be able to customize your offerings to suit their demands. In this respect is also important to think about the perspective of the payer apart from the end user. For example in case of baby food (which the baby consumes), the mother is usually the one purchasing it. Continue reading