Top 8 tools for intelligent SEO Campaigns

tools 8Surges in IT have ensured that confusion and lack of conclusive plans in digital campaigns are now history. Here are the top tools that will help you drive forward your SEO plan.

Invest in Get Report

Are you tired of trying to navigate your way through endless pages of text in terms of SEO performance information? Wouldn’t it be easier if you received a smartly edited SEO report comprised of just the basic snapshots of landing page data, keyword performance against appropriate queries? Well, relax and get the GetReport. You can also figure in a keyword density analytics tool.

Conduct an efficiency analysis

In SEO “content is the king”. There is no way your digital campaign will work if you have inferior content. Making sure that there is an appropriate efficiency analysis done on your page content is a way of ensuring that you stay on top of the race. The info covered in the efficiency analysis will cover engagement levels, impression statistics and the final outcomes.

Get acquisition analyzer report

The total traffic, categorization of traffic, visit times and engagement levels are all statistics that you should be conversant with if you really want to build value into your SEO campaign. The acquisition analysis report tool will help you closely monitor traffic composition and user behavior.

Analyze content links

Referral traffic is one of the most effective ways of building user volumes. Usually, it becomes a challenge to understand which types of content are getting referral traffic. If you use a linkage analysis tool you will understand the pattern of referrals and this in turn will help you identify strongest pieces of content.

404 Linkage Analyses

There is nothing that puts of a user like a 404 “page is unavailable” message. Usually this makes the user navigate away which is going to ruin your digital marketing campaign. You need to do a 404 linkage analysis which tells you how frequently this message is flashed on any of your web pages. Additionally this analysis will let you know effective ways in which you can guide users towards 301 and a live page. The faster you do this, the easier it will be for you to retain viewers.

Mobile friendly quotient

According to recent Internet analytics report there has been a 36% shift towards viewers who are now navigating sites on their smart phones as opposed to traditional mediums like laptops and desktops. In this scenario it becomes important to figure out how mobile friendly is your website. Benchmarking the mobile phone internet user audience is the way to succeed in the future. You need to figure out which platforms are used to access your pages and this in turn will tell you which other platforms you should optimize your pages for.

Procure the browser reports

This one is very basic. Obviously you need to qualitatively inspect browser compatibility and performance if you want to ensure that your digital content is equally functional across all browsers.

Social media stats

Finally you need to know how frequently your website or web content is mentioned on social media networks. He social media analyzer will let you know visits, engagement levels and final outcomes.

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