Upcoming trends of content marketing in 2014

Upcoming trends of content marketing in 2014The digital marketing industry has become an unpredictable platform as things are changing at a rapid pace. More than 50% of the world’s population accesses the internet. The way people treat content is rapidly changing and with this comes an exciting phase of opportunities and challenges. In this blog post I will be stressing on the trends that will be coming ahead in 2014.

Catching the attention of audiences will increase

Just by posting a unique and new content frequently will not fetch the desired results for your website. Everyday there are more than 90000 articles posted worldwide. For instance, Huffington post’s more than 1200 articles every day. So, it will be difficult for smaller businesses to compete with such websites that posts such huge volumes of articles. So, how will your website differentiate itself from others? It is very vital to understand the products and services a company is offering and post the content accordingly.

When you create a strategy for your content, it is vital to evaluate the information of an item, which a business is selling. Just by knowing the advantages of an item and identifying its characteristics, you cannot evaluate an item.

Utilize key metrics for measuring the success of the content

Since a long time, page views and traffic have been around for a long time for measuring the contents success. But, sometimes these metrics would be misleading. If you only focus on metric and page views then it might lead to misguided behaviors and unintentional motivations. Don’t over emphasis on overusing keywords and eye catchy headlines. Create the content in such a manner that it is long lasting.

Content advertising institute have a great number of metrics for business to consumer and business to business companies to measure the efficiency of the content.

There is going to be increase in interest for content integration

Sometimes the biggest challenges, we face is not only because of content. Many times the biggest challenge would be proper allocation of resources, low budget, difficulties in adjusting priorities. Some of these constraints have made content marketing challenging especially when the digital innovation is advancing and developing. There is no immaculate answer for this problem, but to balance out such constraints, you need to develop and enhance integration methodologies.

Experimenting the content through new mediums

Digital marketing and technology are increasing at a rapid pace. When the competition for great information will increase many companies will experiment their content through newer channels for reaching their target customers. One of the case studies speaks about Sephora. Sephora has created great content for retail stores like understanding in depth about skin care and exploring distinct fragrances.

Last words

2014 will be surely a challenging and exciting time for content marketing. As the technology advances and the competition for visitor’s attention will increase, advertisers need to be quick enough for adapting to the increasing expectations and requirements of customers. If a business has a unique and clear value preposition its future will be in a critical position.


The digital advertising platforms have become unpredictable. The competition for content advertising will become even stiffer. In the future, you should not only post unique and fresh content frequently, but also make sure that it is informative and catches the interest of the audiences. These things are going to be very daunting especially for the small businesses and new businesses, but one thing is sure that this is an ideal time for getting started.

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