Useful Ideas To Design A Website Portfolio

Website Design LondonA portfolio has its own uniqueness that differentiates them from others. But its originality should not affect the basic elements of a website. It is always better to have only a small number of projects rather than having large number of projects that lacks optimal quality and doesn’t make any sense. Also make sure to show the projects that you will be interested to do it in the future. You have to take time to select the best work you have done for making your portfolio astonishing.


Check Out Some Useful Points That Can Be Helpful In Creating A Great Portfolio

Using Eye Catchy Pictures And Sharing Backstory

After you have edited the projects that you are willing to show the next step is to think about the best ways you are going to present it, which starts from initial concept, early ketches to finished product. Stylish photography can give a nice touch as much as it is not distracting the work. The best way is to show the best piece first that is followed by other pieces.

Keeping The Website Simple

Whenever you design a portfolio make sure that the website is straight forward and comes to the point. A website is just like a vehicle through, which people find the work you do. Don’t ever create a site that is unconventional and over flashy, which will ultimately make it difficult for the content to be accessible. This means having fewer quality galleries will make a great portfolio.

Adding Distinctive Elements

After you have finished the work of creating all the necessities you have to look into other distinctive elements that would give you competitive edge.

Keeping The Portfolio Fresh

It is not enough to create a great portfolio and keep quiet. It is always good to update the portfolio frequently. Whenever you are creating better and latest projects make sure to focus on its duration.

Crafting A Bio

You can craft your bio by telling your story. This should not only include your previous jobs but it should also include some key points.

Share Views

If you have creativity then you can show your originality to the whole industry by framing your bio in such a way that it discloses your mission statement.

Sharing Your Story

Sharing your real story of how you developed expertise in this profession and taken your work as your real passion and taken the decision to pursue it will interest your potential customers to hire you.

Be Approaching

Round up your story with some personal information that includes your interests and hobbies and what you are obsessed about.

Mention Awards

If you have received any awards for your great work then you can include them.

Include A Blog

It would be always good to include a blog that describes the interesting projects that you are working on currently. If you update your blog frequently, it can give an edge to your portfolio.

Invite Contacts

If you are looking for a contract work make use of the contact form displayed on your portfolio.


A great portfolio can make your website interesting and informative. Having a portfolio on your website could make a huge difference and get potential customers. Without any quality projects a website portfolio is incomplete. Your work should be represented in such a way that it should be able to impress the audience. There is not much difference between developing a portfolio and a website that requires good navigation, user friendliness, consistency, clarity and the elements that determine the creative side.

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