Using Photography In Website Design

You can think, read, and hear about many things, it would be about any object, any concept or it can be about any person. But you will have a tough time to understand it until you see a proper image. So photography is the most important aspect of a website design. An accurate photo can make a great design and of course it will make your website look good and lively.

These Are Some Of The Things To Remember While Using Photography In Your Website Design.


Usability is the first and the foremost important thing, so make sure that the image has a right contrast to your design. For finding a good contrast you should make the photo lighter and use a darker text. If you are using a light text with a light background you have to keep something darker between the photo and the text.


Let’s imagine that we are developing a website for a large restaurant. What type of photos will you post in the website? If your client is already having photos of their products and business that is taken by a professional then you can convince them for getting that done. It would be always better not to have photos in your design rather than posting bad photos.


A picture is worth thousand words, photos should be posted that is related to what you are selling. If you are selling some intangible products like an insurance cover you need to get photos that are symbolically linked to the item. Ensure that the symbolism is easily recognized by your websites visitors.

Big Images Are The Best Sellers

This is very obvious as bigger images will have a bigger impact.

Photography Makes Great Content

Photos not only make a great design but they also create a good content. This can be used for several purposes such as

Drawing Attention

An eye catchy picture can be utilized for representing a page or an article. When an image is posted along with larger blocks of content, then the human brain will automatically skimmer around it. Photos can also be used for being in the memory of the visitors and help them to identify a link, an article, a story, or whatever you are interested in. You must have heard the proverb that pictures catches the attention of people and images makes them to stop.


Context contains things like image of a place or an author or a text or anything else. You have to be very careful while choosing an image for providing a context. The image you select will surely change the reader’s mood so all that you have to do is to ensure that the photo matches the information of an article.

Always make it a point to use images of real people instead of cartoons. You can display their pictures while they are working. You can also use the images of models that wear attractive dresses.


Selecting and using accurate photographs is the most important aspect of a website design. For making a website professional and elegant it is really vital to have attractive imagery that can change the atmosphere and mood of the website. Quickinnovations do fabulous photography selection for taking your professional website design to the top most level. A good and enchanting photograph will make your website attractive and glamorous.

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