Quick Innovations has launched and started working on Zend framework 2 for E-commerce websites-Offering best results on time and more secure

Zend Framework 2 is the world’s most popular open-source framework for developing modern, high-performing PHP applications and web services that use PHP 5.3+. This framework uses a purely object-oriented code and employs most of the advanced features of PHP 5.3, including namespaces, lambda functions, late static binding, closures and many more.

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Overview of Zend Framework 2:

Zend Technologies is a well-established corporation that sponsors a small number of developers to contribute to The Zend Engine, the heart of PHP. The company collectively with the community develops the Zend Framework.ZF2 is a dominant mechanism that can speed up the application development procedure.Zend Framework 2 progressed from Zend Framework 1; the trending PHP framework with over 15 million downloads.

The element structure of Zend Framework 2 is exclusive and every single component is intended with little dependency on other components. ZF2 goes after the unique object-oriented design standard and the loosely coupled structural design permits developers to employ whatever components they crave usually known as “use-at-will” design.

What made Top Designing Companies to go for ZF2?

With over 15 million downloads in its splendid initial innings, Zend Framework 2 is additionally endorsed with advanced features to drive the world of technology to the next level of success. Reputed as one of the foremost web development frameworks, ZF2 makes use of the innovative PHP 5.3 features with great ease and command.

It has shared an incredible relationship with the most modern PHP features and follows a robust design standard that thoroughly depends on Object Oriented Programming code by aiding developers to utilize the development potentials broadly and with complete ease.

Expanding on these core principles, most of the top web designing and development companies have implemented Zend Framework 2 to personify intense simplicity & efficiency, the enhanced Web 2.0 features, agile corporate-friendly licensing, and well object oriented code base that the business ventures can depend upon.

Major Benefits of ZF2:

  • Modular, user-friendly and secure
  • Highly extensive and easily adaptable
  • Used for critical and high-usage applications and delivers high performance

From the past couple of years, we are using an customization and the most trending own ZF2 framework that includes almost each and every feature you want at your fingertips with the capability to customize the e-commerce websites. It has a blend of tons of advanced features without using them all; you can upload products when you want them. ZF2 can get effusive at times but formerly if you understand the patterns it uses it can be insignificant to plug in your own elements. With a highly passionate and dedicated team we have been succeeded in this designing world through ZF2 platform and gained lot many satisfied clients.

Take a look some E-commerce business customers and the ZF2 projects are done by Quick Innovations. https://www.eggfreecake.co.uk/, http://www.goldcarehomes.com/, https://www.glamzam.com/ , http://austindavidapartments.com/, http://zqfragrances.co.uk/ , http://www.woolcresttextiles.co.uk/

Being a leading and professional Zend Framework 2 Development Company, Quick Innovations caters fresh, robust & secure web 2.0 apps and services to business with e-commerce systems. Serving the various online business needs countrywide, we have designed and developed 150+ projects fruitfully & have a vast list of contented clients by providing 100% satisfaction as per the client expectations and requirements.

Why to Choose Quick Innovations for your business website design and development?

At Quick Innovations, we have not only utilized the enhanced technological advantages of ZF2 but have also discovered a lot from its usual performance approach. Zend Framework 2 Developers at Quick innovations has an excellent command over the high deed MVC facet provided by this remarkable framework. This aids us to work out a web application way out that is filled with the leveraging capability and supported by best of technical attributes and functional units.

We have a passionate fascination & expertise in Zend framework 2 and PHP development to accomplish our prospective clients’ needs with immense inventions. Our huge experienced and dedicated workforce is also tremendously avid about Zend framework application designing, integration & development using Zend Framework 2 & PHP 5.3+ to give out outstanding business solutions.

Quick innovations develop customized ZF2 for E-commerce frame works going to less time and best results

  • We develop more secure and user-friendly e-commerce websites
  • Provides effective online presence and search engine visibility
  • Can easily import and export bulk products
  • Works with all payment gateways
  • Website loading speed is very less
  • No need programming skills with easily implementation
  • Develop admin panel for user friendly

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We also work with other platforms including PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap3, Angular JS, AJAX, responsive, ext JS, kendo UI, grid systeams, word press and many more.


The major advantage of utilizing ZF2 framework is it will speed up the coding process with maintenance of eminence, adaptability & readability of the website.

Quick innovations is the most successful Web Design London e-commerce company, designed on ZF2 platform. We are the leading and professional web design company based in London, UK and offer creative and affordable web design services to the businesses who desire to grow on the internet. With huge years of experience, we have helped plentiful customers in designing great web applications.

We design innovative and cheap websites and carry out successful SEO campaigns also. We focus on web design services including

  • Simple Web Design
  • CMS Web Design
  • E commerce Web Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • web development
  • Branding
  • Application Development
  • Maintenance & Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Website Design and much more.

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