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Tubs & Tiles

Project Description

The Company

Tubs and Tiles is an online bathroom store where you can purchase virtually anything that you could possibly need for your bathroom. They have a vast range of products that gives the customer choices in how they would like to personalise their own home. The contemporary styles of their products are aimed at customers who are looking to go for a more modern look.

What They Needed

Tubs and Tiles needed an ecommerce website which matched the contemporary design of their products. They needed the website to be able to cope with having a vast range of products in many different categories and sub categories and for it to be shown in such a way that it wouldn’t be confusing to the customer. They wanted the customer to be able to always feel like they knew where they were and not lost. They didn’t only want the design of the website to be modern to match their products but they also wanted the features to match it as well.

What We Did

The first stage we went through was designing the style of the website. This was tricky to do because contemporary products are always so versatile that it’s hard to come up with one solid design to fit them all. Having a website that matches the type of products that are being sold are crucial to help in the customer’s internal decision process.

The next stage was to create the admin panel at the back end to be able to handle the amount of different products within each different category and sub category. This is why we felt the best way to accomplish this was to introduce a breadcrumb feature to the website so the customer could always see what part of the website they were in.

Finally we introduced the shopping cart feature where the product flies across the screen into the basket. This type of functionality is simple to achieve and when put in the right setting, with the right background, it can add that final touch to a customer’s experience within the site to make them come back again.

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This is what the client of the project said

If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative. If my films don't show a profit, I know I'm doing something right.

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Mark Zolinger , Client of Project

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