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A good web design is that attractive web design that maintains its own corporate style, combined with ease of use, to attract customers and allow them to obtain the information they need quickly and easily. It is quite painful to have a web design company that will provide the service you need. In addition, some professionals are too busy to take extra work. To get  the finest web design services London, professional web Design Company must be composed of a team of experts in various fields such as:

  • the design and graphics
  • marketing
  • Web Development
  • SEO.

Solid practical experience of website design London is necessary, regardless of the size and type of business. An expert should have excellent understanding of the aesthetic and technical aspects of the website design process in London.

If you are looking for web design services, London at affordable rates, Quick Innovation could be a better option.

Quick Innovation is a company of professional, practical and affordable Website Design London, based in UK. As a resource for all website design and development services; we believe in efficient technologies, design quality, web standards, usability and simplicity. We take pride in building strategic customer relationships, long-term logic.

No wonder that our customers rate us unanimously as excellent in performance and communication, because we provide:

  • Responsive design

Today, more and more people use tablets and digital devices to access the internet. Small businesses and large enterprises, should know how to take advantage of this additional number of visitors to increase their business. We design your website to be displayed correctly on any device: computer, tablet or Smartphone.

  • Self-managing Web

You’ll save time and money by having a self-administrate web. You will not depend on anyone to update content instantly.

  • Professional web design

With our professional website design London, you can easily manage without any knowledge web design programming.

  • Advanced programming

You need more? We provide schedule specific web applications including security, custom modules, loading speed, task automation etc.

We are not merely a web design company with extensive experience in creating and Website Design London but also have extensive experience in online marketing, advertising and consulting. Located in London, we understand your business and adapt to creating efficient internet websites and online marketing strategies tailored to the client.

We are a multidisciplinary team and have experience in the world of consulting and marketing nationally and internationally. That allows us to understand the particular needs of business and design the joint strategy level most appropriate for your business web design and online marketing.

Quick Innovation is a professional business web design company in London offers maintenance of your websites by annual maintenance contracts. Any website needs to make updates, improvements and upgrades. This kind of service increases the value of the service offered by us.

SEO is crucial for any website that wants to be visible to search engines. We have an experienced SEO team, with a full understanding of the algorithms of search engines.

Contact Detail

It is really interesting for any business to have the right information before launching into an online experience. For those who are just starting to sell or have just a few products, they can find information about website design London by clicking


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Why should some web design companies recommended responsive web design ?

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Web pages today have to deal with millions of users worldwide. With the rapid growth of multi functional devices and various smartphone, tablet, laptop, notebook and so on, the user needs to upgrade their website design, as per the latest trend. Customers now often ask versions of its website to have support for multiple devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPad, Nexus, Kindle, etc., thus imposes more responsibility on the shoulders of the developer.  In recent month there is a radical change in the way of using technology in web design London and this time web design companies staying with power: Responsive Web Design.

The principle of design and development of responsive web pages guaranteed to be visible from any device with any screen size with a comfortable user experience. It is respect the fact that users want to consume the websites in its 4 – inch screen mobile Smartphone, the screen of your mini-tablet 7 – inch, full size device 10 – inch tablet, the screen of your laptop, and even your big screen HDTV 4H. The design is constantly sensitive because it takes into account the properties of the device and the browser in which the user consumes the content.

Responsive website design, London judiciously used networks, which enable developers of web design companies to define scale and flexible images, formats and containers. It also represents a change of mind for the developer, since he or she now prescribes relative sizes, such as 2.5 units wide, rather than definitive; concrete, such as 202 pixels measures, placing and elements of a page size.

By using definitive measures and not for page elements and their packaging, the basic design and usability of a page can be maintained while climbing up and down in different browser sizes – that is, the site can be sensitive to these changes -. Pages can delete items that do not fit in a smaller window, and add it back when it is extended by the browser zoom or switch to a larger screen.

Website design, London meets sensitive elements. Use queries CSS3 media to adapt the design to the viewing environment. Using fluid proportion-based help adjust the page elements in relative units as a percentage or MS networks. Flexible sizes images are resized to fit and displayed within their container are used.

 There are many reasons for adopting and upgrading responsiveness to web design. Some of them are:

  • Sensitive / responsive sites can be adjusted to any screen size, image size or resolution.
  • It works well regardless of scripts is enabled or disabled.
  • A website for all devices ensures reduced website development cost.
  • You have to spend once to your website.
  • Optimizing a single website URL ensures one bringing all links, page rank, authority etc. This page gives a complete overview of all traffic across devices.
  • A single website for all devices means you have to host one and once.
  • A single website for updates and devices are affected differently.
  • Fewer occurrences of errors is also ensured.
  • RWD eliminates any redirection site that websites tend to have.
  • The problem with the registration of the various devices is perfectly resolved by RWD.
  • A website that responds equally to users of different devices helps maintain consistent brand value for customers.
  • It not required different logins to update its various sites.
  • Single instance of the site is useful in extracting the entire data traffic from the individual analysis tool.
  • Solve the problem of canonical URLs you may encounter have different sites for each device.

Not only this, even Google also advice web design companies to create website using responsive web design as it attract website traffic from portable devices of all sizes and formats ranges from smartphones to tablets mini tablets to regular size. This way your website will reach to higher ranking in search engines too, that ultimately help increase companies revenue.

Author Biography:

Want to upgrade your website with responsive web design? We at Quick Innovation can help you. Quick Innovation is a web design company dedicated to web design London. We specialize in helping our clients realize their projects on the Internet. We design your website according to your needs, following the latest design trends in internet.

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Increase Conversion Rate for your business by creating responsive website

website designers


Internet economy is booming. In recent years consumers spent billions of pounds in UK online stores. This impressive growth results in the increase in volume of sphere of e-commerce which is a quarter of a trillion pounds, as new players want to be getting in their piece of the pie. On the Internet, the most important indicator of popularity considered conversion rate.

The conversion rate of the Internet resource – the website, a blog, an online store – is a ratio of the number of users who visited the resource and in fact committed some specific action, the total number of visitors that come on a resource from a search engine or clicked on a link from other sites. What kind of specific actions that can make visitors? It acts within the purposes of the Internet project – the registration and account creation, subscription to the newsletter or RSS – feed, buy goods or order services.

Nowadays the owners of new and existing online stores face a problem of low conversion rate.  Quick Innovation, is a web design company London that can helps you in increasing Conversion Rate for your business by creating responsive website. Responsive website design is the latest trend, adopted by most web design company London. Website Designers London use this technique to increase conversion rate. Let’s see how it is:


Your site will be accessible from mobile devices

Mobile user increases day by day, with responsive design many of your potential visitors can access your site from mobile devices too because responsive design automatically adapts to different screen sizes. If your site does not support this feature, visitors will face disadvantages such as distorted images, too small, or, conversely, too large font size, content offset. Very often, the page just does not fit on the screen, and the user sees only a small part of the window. No matter how quality content you are offering, visitors are unlikely to linger a long time on this site.

Visitors will be happy to view your site

Responsive web design – is the lack of forwarding, duplicate content, distorted images and other problems due to which users never leaving the site. Website Designers London built site with responsive design so that it is equally well displayed on different devices including laptops, mobile phones and tablets, providing maximum convenience to users, it attracts more visitors and can even help to increase the conversion rate!

You expand the market

Every company seeks to get the greatest possible proportion of the target audience. With responsive design you will attract a new segment of buyers who actively use mobile devices.

You will improve your site’s visibility in search engines

Another advantage of the adaptive sites is that it is liked by Google and other search engines. Adaptive design of the site will help to increase your position in search results. This will not only increase the visibility of the site, but also to attract new visitors.

You will be in a trend

If you are still using outdated design, not only you lose current customers, but also miss the opportunity to attract new ones. Responsive design will make your website attractive, will be in the trend and get more visitors.

If you are still not using responsive design – it’s time to do its development. Quick Innovation will help you! We have professional website designer London, who are well aware about responsive design and help you to attract potential new clients to your site that have a positive impact on business development.

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The powerful workflow tips and tricks for web designers

Digital space is closely intertwined not only with the commercial component of people’s lives, but also with leisure. Members carried out in this environment, almost all his spare time. Website designers in London are constantly experimenting with new tools, testing codes and programs in search of making web design, London more agile and attractive. But not all in the tools, sometimes the problem is the method we use in our work process, the workflow with which work may not be correct. Today Web Designer London at Quick Innovation will give some powerful workflow tips and tricks for web designer to make web design London simple, fast and attractive.

The powerful workflow tips and tricks for web designers

Sleek design

With the advent of Material Design and redesign of key market products like iOS Apple flat design confidently moves to various interfaces. Web designers at Quick Innovation use this style, not only for today’s start-ups and IT areas, but also for the more conservative business areas including construction, legal, medical companies whose sites are created in the spirit of Material / Flat design.  Web designers, London apply this style to prepare the site images, icons, info graphics, and presentations. The simplicity of the display helps the user to better understand and remember the information, as many experts say.

Video background

Before the internet was slow, and the traffic – expensive. Heavy elements, animation, and especially video – were almost a taboo for the site. Technology does not stand still; the internet has become affordable and fast, even from mobile devices. Therefore, the video in the background was the actual trend.

In the eyes of users this element improves the quality of the site, its credibility. Specialized blogs, portals, and online shopping for which the visual component – an important part of marketing, actively using video. These areas include fashion, style, clothing, footwear, accessories, etc.


Adaptability to the requirements of not only remains relevant, but also become more stringent. Recent changes in the algorithms of search engines require not only a mobile version, and faster page loads. But this is more technical part, the web designer needs to combine an adaptive design with clear structure and user-friendly display of the content, which, incidentally, is also changing.

Storytelling and new forms of

Customers are becoming more discerning and demanding in terms of content websites. Making the user to stay on the site can only be high-quality and pleasant for the perception of content. Days of uniqueness and exclusivity of content are numbered.


Nowadays minimalist design is considered as effective and popular web design. Such web design London is becomes more compact, simple and easy to understand. Marketers have come to the conclusion that an excessive number of elements can only distract users. Combining marketing and design interests, experts create websites that are focused on the transfer of information, useful and content storage.

If you still not confident in web design, Quick Innovation’s Web Designer London feels pleased to help you. Contact our website designer at anytime.

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Top most Realities of Designing Websites for Business Clients

In general, the website design consists of more conceptual elements such as usability, layout traditions, easy navigation and many other things that simplify the usage of websites and aid to fetch information sooner.

web design tips for business clients

As a website designer, working for various clients is much different than designing a website for you. There are noticeably pros and cons, but here are some few things that you need to be aware of-

Continue reading

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Discover the Web Design trends of 2016

web design company

In the Modern trend, reality about web design company is that- it is continually developing. Because, it is a rapidly moving and changing industry to reach with forms and functions. New trends of better web design london in 2016  are potentially design trends aspire to modernize user experiences.

Moderate Design

Quality writing is everything, and as web configuration measures, visual designs all hail to the lord. Stripping without end diversions keeps concentrating on substance, and when done cheerfully makes the prominent visual tastiest of moderation.


  • At-a-look comprehension of UI usefulness, substance, and area of components.
  • Emphasis on substance, particularly visuals.
  • Reduced stacking times.
  • Atmosphere of refinement.
  • Increased intelligibility.

Foundation Videos And Animations

Utilizing foundation recordings and movements can either add a fascinating measurement to a page. At the point when executed well, this pattern can improve a page’s substance. The key is to play with edge rates until the recordings and substance are strong and consistent. A basic energized foundation can add perceivability to a site, however ought to be utilized as a part of control or it can be exceptionally diverting to the client.

Dynamic Product Search

In 2016 more destinations start to utilize dynamic perspectives that depend on JavaScript and Ajax to change item query item page on the fly. This strategy of web design London  helps your clients to scan your site rapidly and without a diversion of stacking each query item page independently. It is particularly viable for merchants with a vast measure of stock.

Normal UI Design Patterns

Having a standard interface is not terrible, and even great. Not to contrast from the mass – that is awful. These days when individuals are confronted handfuls or even several interfaces day by day and even on different gadgets, it turns out to be clear that it is not important to overpower new clients with new interface every time and to make them to astound it out.

That is the reason the vast majority of creators attempted to settle up some normal interface outline designs which helps them to make such sites all together, it would be clear for the a large portion of clients at an impression. It helps them to enhance shopping knowledge and make the route much less demanding.

Responsive outline

These days that are truly should have highlight for any online store! It is imperative that the outline of your site would be versatile neighborly, as well as ought to be shown pleasant on any gadget by any means. That is on account of there’s an expanding pattern towards scanning and shopping for high-res gadgets like TVs.

Adapted typography

A moderate outline approach leaves space for more imaginative employments of sorts. Extremes in measuring, custom typefaces, conventional textual styles utilized as a part of unpredictable ways, and exceptionally adapted lettering would all be able to have an immense effect. What’s more, with the expanded access to typographic decisions

Joining text,dimensions can hugely affect the look and the association of a page. Single words can take up a whole page. Utilizing limitlessly diverse estimated text styles makes chain of command, which thus bolsters individuals in their endeavors to comprehend a site and locate the substance they need. Bigger text styles accentuate the essential informing of a page, while smaller ones normally guide one’s eyes to the supporting informing. Fashioners are made all the more outwardly element pages through their imaginative utilization of varying text dimensions.

Manipulating with real data

Planning with a genuine information gives us a more profound comprehension of how a page will work. To some extent since it surfaces every one of the “issues” originators endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from in their mock-ups, for example, long features, low-quality pictures, and so on.

Web design company plans websites with genuine substance gives both essayists and architects better understanding into what they have to do.

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Why Zend framework is best for e-commerce development

cheap ecommerce website design

When it comes to developing websites, you can either go in for high end designs and code each page on your own or use Zend, which comes with a pre-existing framework and build your website on it.  With Zend, users should be able to develop their website very easily.

Whether it is an ecommerce website or a news site, setting one up with zend framework is easy. The design forms the crucial part of any website and as most studies have indicated, ease of use figures as one of the top reasons as to why they often use one particular website. Apart from ease to use, is the ability to source information from a website, without any lag period, and thanks to zend, anyone can now make their website, easy to navigate, resulting in seamless navigation. Whether you want a cheap ecommerce website design or just an ecommerce web design, utilizing Zend is the perfect choice, for any developer

While Zend is an Open source, OBJ oriented application; any developer would still need time to review the various modules before starting to use it effectively for the development of their website. Or they can always opt for a professional web design company and get it done within a short period of time. Given the fact that zend makes every developer’s life easy, is the fact that it can seem a bit overwhelming at the start, however once the user has understood the basic concepts of Zend, they should be able to utilize the various modules of Zend effectively.

While developers may find zend framework a tad overwhelming, the fact remains that with Zend, they should be able to optimize their website and streamline operations such as routine authorization and tweak other features without any hassle. While Zend does come pre-packaged with its own framework, and is an open source, the developer should still be able to protect their codes with framework license.

By using zend, any developer should be able to create PHP applications easily. But the interesting thing about using zend is the support offered from the various tools and support components such as MVC and RAD. Zend framework is any PHP developers dream come true, with ZF, users can now easily set up websites, at the click of the mouse. And with the right kind of content, the website in question should stand out for all the right reasons. In case anyone has more questions on Zend, they can always revert to online help tutorials for help, share their opinions and even provide feedback as this will only help improve Zend further. Whether the user is looking for a ‘cheap ecommerce website design or ‘ecommerce web design, always go for Zend.

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Why it makes sense to go in for an ecommerce website to set up shop online

Short description: It makes perfect sense for any retailer to go in for an ecommerce website to set up an online shop, for most of the purchases are made online, rather than by walking into the shop.

When it comes to setting up a shop, setting one up online makes better sense than setting up a brick and motor mom and pop store. This does not mean that you cannot do both but just that having an online shop and  a presence online leads to more sales. Here’s why you need to approach an online ecommerce website for helping to set up your business online

Web Design London

E commerce Website Design – QuickInovations

Online presence matters:

Whether you already have a brick and motor shop set up or not, having an online shop does matter, since it can effectively snag you more customers than say the corner kiosk .  Online competition is heating up, and with more websites being propped up every second, it is obvious that any retailer must have an online presence for their share of the pie. So unless you want to be left out, it is a good idea to approach an ecommerce website and get your shop set up, right away.

Land more customers

As an online retailer or business owner, you need to concentrate on growing that customer base, and one of the effective ways of getting this done is by marketing your products and essentially your shop online. With an ecommerce website, you would get all the assistance you need to help set up shop online and once that’s set up, you can move onto marketing and strategizing on how to land more customers. One of the ways to go about getting the word out is by way of social media which you can use effectively to market your shop. With a B & M shop, all you had to do was relay on the odd customer and hope he spreads the word about your shop. In comparison, with an online website, you can count on getting more customers by targeting specific audience and marketing your shop effectively.

Data matters

The only way you can market your products better is when you know your customers better and while this part is hard with a B & M shop. However, with a good ecommerce website, you can actually track all your customers buying habits, and even run specific ad campaigns that is designed to appeal to a particular audience at low cost.

No overheads

With an online shop, most of the overheads are done away with including rental cost for a B & M shop. And moreover, you do not have to pay or any additional fixtures or accessories other than what you need to shell out to get the shop set up.  And with you landing more customers by way of your online shop, it should help defray any expenses you may run up in getting it set up in the first place. You can set up a shop easily with a cheap ecommerce website and even go in for a cheap ecommerce website design. Now, with little or no overheads to worry about, you can look forward to making more sales than before.

Payment gateways

One of the neat things about shopping online is in being able to purchase any product instantly. Sadly, you cannot expect the same from any B & M shop. And with an ecommerce website, you can set up a secure gateway for your customers to make their purchases seamlessly and without any hassle.

cheap ecommerce website, cheap ecommerce website designecommerce website design , ecommerce web design

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How To Affiliate Your Brand Into All Characteristic Of Your Company

Whether you’re starting research for marketing or brand management, getting ready for a re-launch, or rising brand responsiveness, there are some key marketing concepts that are essential at all stages.Professional Web Design

Brand management starts with a comprehensive knowledge of your “brand”. Right. So, what is a then? Continue reading

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