Year: 2013

Upcoming trends of content marketing in 2014

Upcoming trends of content marketing in 2014The digital marketing industry has become an unpredictable platform as things are changing at a rapid pace. More than 50% of the world’s population accesses the internet. The way people treat content is rapidly changing and with this comes an exciting phase of opportunities and challenges. In this blog post I will be stressing on the trends that will be coming ahead in 2014. Continue reading

Pinterest Has Explored Local Advertising With The Help Of Place Pins

PinterestAccording to a report, it was found that the value of a pin for a publisher is not less than 78 cents for publisher. The value of a pin has recently skyrocketed because many brands in the hospitality division are now featuring restaurants, bars and hotels. Place pin is nothing but an interactive map and a place for individuals where they would like to visit all across the world. This has enabled Pinterest to become an advertising channel for all kinds of local businesses. Continue reading