Matt Cutts Speaks On Page Rank, SEO Spam And The Future Of Search

mat cuttsMatt cutts started his day two speaking about dispelling myths and signature keynotes. He spoke about the keynote by Jason calacanis and spammers. Cutts also told about the Moonshot changes, which have been broken down into some of the areas like

Voice search

Knowledge graph

Deep learning

Google now

Conversational search

He told that deep learning is a capability to create relationship between two words and apply the same for creating more words, which will ultimately help to enhance the search queries.


Matt cutts told about hummingbird and he thinks that there are many blog postings, which speaks about the tips to attain high ranking on hummingbird algorithm is not relevant. The fact was that the announcement of humming birds launch was made only after a month of its launch. Humming bird is nothing but a quality change. It hasn’t affected search engines that much, despite of several blog postings, which have claimed otherwise.

Search Results Of Mobiles

The next thing he discussed about is the role of mobile phones and how they have impacted search results. This is surely going to be an area that they are going to give attention, because the websites, which are not mobile user friendly, will be experiencing negative effects on their ranks on the search results.

Matt Cutts Explained That There Are Many Things That Have To Be Taken Into Consideration For Smart Phone Rankings

If your mobile phone is not displaying flash then Google won’t show flash related sites on search results.

Make sure that mobile versions of your website are not flash heavy.

If the mobile visitor lands on the home page content of the website instead of landing on internal pages then your website will not attain higher rankings.

If the loading time of your website is relatively slow on various mobile devices then Google will not give it higher rankings.

Google’s Native Marketing And Spam Strategies

Matt cutts next gave a speech on spam strategies. He said that they were working on some specific kind of keywords that were very spam related that includes some of the words like Mesothelioma, payday loans and car insurance. These keywords attract spammers in a profitable manner, so they would be finding out the ways for keeping these areas spam free in all their algorithms.

He discussed about native marketing and advertorials. They are going to penalize these sites if they are not using disclaimers for proving it to be paid advertising. Google took action on numerous news papers in UK and US that has not labeled native marketing and labeling advertorials and which have been passing page ranks. He also told there was hardly anything wrong with native marketing and advertisements if they are revealed and if they are not disclosed then Google will be taking action against them.

There is a bad news for page rank fans, the pipeline that was utilized for transferring the data is broken and there is no one to solve this problem.


Matt cutts recently spoke about search results of mobiles, Google’s native marketing and spam related strategies. He told that if your website is heavy on flash then it should have a separate version for mobile devices otherwise it will be losing rankings on the search results. He also spoke about the blogs that were giving tips for attaining high ranks on hummingbird algorithm but unfortunately they were not even related to it.

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