How Are The Top Brands Using Google+

google+-logoThere are numerous articles written on Google+ than other social networking platforms. Today, most of the big brands prefer Google+ for advertising their business and brand to their target customers. Most of these popular brands are having physical and online locations that strengthen their brand image from both the sides. Success on social media can’t be attained in a single night and without any efforts. Google+ is one of the best options for engaging with fans and of course for promoting items by using magnificent digital contents. After all, this is the thing these brands are having in common. It is the capability to connect visceral and visually with the fan base.

Here Are The Names Of The Most Popular Brands That Have A Business Page On Google+


It is not a surprise that Ferrari is the top most brands that produces the finest machines of the world. You must be remembering many scenes in famous movies that display fabulous Ferraris. Ferrari’s Google+ page are as good as its machines and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. It gives the fans a chance to get personal with Formula-1 drivers. Right from hosting videos and encouraging the followers, Ferrari has successfully made its presence on Google+ by sharing contents in a large range of formats and today; it has more than three million followers.


It is one of the most popular brands that offer superb cars. BMW has posted superior quality pictures and videos of cars. Today, it has more than four million followers on the official page of Google+ as it promises its customers to have a wonderful driving experience.


Cadbury is a famous chocolate brand, which made news on Google+ after it allowed brands to develop own pages from 2011 onwards. Since, then there are a lot of things happening on Google+ on Cadbury’s business page? Cadbury produces a large variety of dairy milk products, chocolates and bars. According to the community manager of Cadbury Jerry Dykin, “Google+has done very well in showcasing photos and videos contents prominently”.


Another brand that has been successful on Google+ is Samsung USA that is the top most companies all around the world. According to the marketing manager of Samsung, Google+ is gaining two followers every thirty seconds. Contreras says that Google+has added Samsung to its first list of pages. Google+visitors are diverse and most of them are media and tech Savvy. Google+ pages make many things interesting for communities and people, who have similar interest by letting them to connect with each other.

Red bull

Red bull’s Google+ page stresses more on the lifestyle rather than the items it is dealing. It is regularly posting videos and pictures of music and sports with occasional reference to Red bull.


Ford has become very successful on various social media platforms including Google+ since the last twelve months. The best example is the social selling tool, which appends with Youtube and Facebook pages.

The following are the social media marketing platforms of Quick Innovations





A visitor uses Google+ for at least twelve minutes in a day, which is only two minutes less than the Facebook. Today, at least one million brands are having Google+ pages. It is not surprising that Google+ can fetch great results because, it provides brand methods to communicate, which is not available in Twitter and Facebook.

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