How to pick the Best Social Media Platform that Work for your Business.

social mediaIt’s a known fact today for many of us that, not all the social media websites are equal and at this stage it’s a little confusing factor for people to choose the right plat form among the various options which the web world offers us.

In today technically advanced era, we must know and use the technology and digital advancements both for personnel and business purpose, and for people who are into business their presence in social media is must for promoting their services and products. Since there are almost 2.93 billion people around the globe are using internet for various reasons. Among them the studies say more than 70% are present on various social media platforms.

The popular platform’s which are used by many internet users are LinkedIn, pinterest, facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google plus, meetup, stumbleupon and Flickr.

It’s important to note that depending on the type of work, business you do you must choose the platform which suits you and you can meet directly your customers. For example if your company does an affordable web designing, then in that case you choose the platform where you can meet majority of internet users and can promote your services of “affordable web design”.

Following are the few parameters based on which you can choose the BEST social media platform:

  • Each social media platform has its own different methods of attributes which it offers. Many places the various platforms meet your various demands but you should also look into their limitations. For example if “bespoke web design” company which is into website design services wants to promote their services then they should look at the platforms where they can upload their services information as much as they can and send across the message to the members who are registered in that particular social media.
  • Another interesting thing here to note is, we should also look at the limitations of the social media, for instance “twitter” platform we can tweet within 140 characteristics, so we should be careful while we want to use such platform for business promotion purpose.
  • Knowing our targeted customers will also help us in choosing the right media platform for business purpose and services. For a company like bespoke web design, there potential customers would be from above teenage group to adult range and those who are looking at putting up their own website; in that case they can offer their cheap web design services in the platform where these age group members are available in good numbers.

We should also look at the new trends which are coming in digital world and the customer’s choice of choosing the social media platforms. While being in present we should also look at the future developments and the services which we these popular social media platform are going to offer for each one of us. We must choose the platform which suits us, and then only the real benefit of using these platforms will be seen in both personnel and in business aspect.

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