Important elements for a homepage design

Creating a website nowadays might be a bit difficult. In the starting days of internet creating a website was very simple, but still only a few people were able to create one. Building a website nowadays comes with a lot of complications, but despite of this many people have started launching new websites for their businesses. Of course as the number of websites is increasing, the tasks of enhancing them and building them have increased considerably. Therefore it would be naturally difficult to build a website if you don’t have any knowledge about this process.

Creating a fabulous homepage can be done by utilizing these elements

Clear Answers

A homepage should clearly answer who you are, what you do and what are you offering to your visitor. Even if you are the owner of a famous company you should clearly mention in the homepage the above mentioned points for getting the visitors to know whether they are on the right place or not. If the visitors don’t identify your business in the homepage within a few seconds then they will move on to your competitor’s page. So the homepage is the most important part of a website as it gives directions to the visitors to the rest of the pages and speaks, who you are and what you have got to offer.

Target Audience

A great homepage should be written for your target audience not for anybody else. If the visitors don’t make out what are the products or services you are offering on the homepage itself then they will leave your website.

Mobility and Usability

A homepage should be highly mobile and usable, which means they should not be flashy that most often disturbs browsing such as animations, flash banners, overly complicated elements and pop-ups.

Great Design

A great design is equal to thousand words that communicate your products and services to the visitors. If you effectively design your business products and services the visitors will come to know immediately about your business and will not need to work hard to read the whole content. Best combination of colours should be used that reflects your businesses and products image effectively.

If the real mission of your website is to enhance the sale of a product then you should make sure that the visitor comes to know about your products in the opening page itself. Besides this you should also make sure that your homepage is properly navigated. Make sure that you place enough links on the homepage that connects your visitors to the other pages. Ensure that your homepage background is bright with darker text a colour that does not put strain on the visitor’s eyes.

A homepage is the face of your website; in fact it is the face of your business. It is the most important part of a website as all the other pages are connected through this page.


A homepage is the first page of your website. It is just like a gate to your building from where the visitors decide whether to move further or not. Web designers spent considerable amount of time in designing the homepage. It should be better left to professionals like quickinnovations who have expertise in designing valuable homepages. A homepage usually contains short description and main links about the products and services you are offering.

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