Matt Cutts Said: We Discarded Hundred Links For Each Page As A Ground Rule But We Might Take Operation If They Are Too Spammy

matt-cuttsMatt cutts has recently posted a new video demonstrating why Google is no longer having hundred links for each page for webmaster instruction.

It is a fact that the guidelines were dropped prior 2008, but many web masters and search engine optimisers are still thinking if we have more than hundred links for each page then it will become a penalty. However, the truth is it won’t be a penalty, for instance websites like Techmeme has over thousand links on the home page and they have not been chastised by Google.

Google told if a website looks very spammy and be in possession of countless sums of links in a single page then Google will be taking action on such websites.

Matt cutts also elucidated that the page ranks are detached by the sum of links each page has. For instance, if a page 1 is linked to page2, 3 and 4 then the page ranking will be detached into three. If you are having thousands of links, then the page ranks will be detached into thousands, and so on.

There has invariably been an illusion that the major search engine Google and many other searches cannot trail or wriggle more than hundred links in a sole document or web page. The authenticity is that many search engines including Google can wriggle more than hundred links for each page.

Of course, Google webmaster ground lines page conveys to keep the links not more than hundred for every page. But the real logic for Google appending such ground lines is the usability purpose. Normally, a web page, which has more than hundred links, could be inordinately ponderous for the users. If you are keeping the sums of nautical alternatives to a minimal sum then the users will acknowledge it.

A Googler was speaking truth on such matters. Recently in Google groups JohnMu clearly revealed that Google has the ability to handle over hundred links for each page.

Hundred links for each page is a major issue for search engine optimisation for many years. What is actually behind this concept?

SEO spiders would like to be more efficient. If they have discovered a web page with over thousand links then the spider will take long span of time for reaching them.

Users who look at a web page amidst hundred links on a single page then they will be most probably crushing the user.

But to assume that Google and other searches are not created to climber more than hundred links on a single page then this will seem a little ridiculous. They might be computed to end at a specific time but I still doubt the number to be hundred. In addition to this if we think a usage designer is not able to undertake designing for a page then it might be hassle free to utilize more than hundred links, which is a little lousy.


Recently in a new video Matt cutts demonstrated why Google doesn’t consider hundred links for a single web page. The guidelines to drop hundred links was dropped way back in 2008 and several web masters that they will be penalized for having more than hundred links for each page, however this isn’t the reality because many site have over thousand links castigated by Google.


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