Rules Must follow to create a mobile friendly website

Responsive web design is the need of the hour. New mobile phones and tablets are being launched each passing fortnight, thereby escalating the number of mobile users who browse, shop, search and play online. Hence, it becomes absolutely important to tap these users at any cost. For achieving it, the websites must be compatible with the mobile screens of all sizes so that each and every mobile user who is using any of the online services on the mobile phones.

Responsive web design

Making the websites responsive, so that they can adapt to any screen and resolution size is a daunting task and require a lot of expertise and skills. If the designers, however, follow some of the thumb rules of mobile website designing, things will become comparatively easier for them.


  • Be content strategy ready before you design

It happens to every designer who uses certain lines of LoremIpsum text during the design and later finds the original content to be way larger. The design has to suffer due to it, hence it is recommended that content strategy is ready before the design work starts. This ensures that the design is not disturbed due to the content being larger than the sample.


  • Indulge in an in-browser design

Test your design always on the browsers and not on the Photoshop plug-ins as they give unrealistic results. Go for in-browser design for better results. Most of the browsers now have plug-ins and add-ons which let you inspect the html and CSS codes and any changes made in them can be directly seen on the browser.


  • Form and follow a pattern library

This is a new trend which, if used makes the styling of the web pages simple. Pattern library is the place where you are supposed to define every UX patterns which are common to the pages and used throughout the site. The code snippets and the notes can be exposed in the library as and when required.

  • Size of interactive elements

The size of the interactive elements is of great value. In this era of flat designs, it is recommended that you use over-sized interactive elements for the design. Such elements should also be used in designing the forms to keep them simple and adapted to the mobile phones.


  • Handling the navigation

Handling the navigation while designing a responsive website can be a daunting task. It depends on the breakpoints used and the type of navigation used. Using drop down and jump links can make the work easier. Off canvas method is also an effective navigation style used in responsive web designing.


  • Keeping the performance in mind

Whatever you do, the performance must be the last thing to suffer. To ensure it, make sure that you test your website on several devices before making your website is live and make changes accordingly till you achieve the best performance.

With responsive designing being of paramount importance these days, the designers have to be on their toes as it takes a lot to design a responsive website which is flawless. Make sure you choose a reputed responsive web design company which provides you a website that can easily load on all types of screens.

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