Tips For Video Marketing On Twitter And Facebook

fb and twitterTwitter and facebook have become the most popular platforms for marketing your business. For getting the best out of these two you have to understand the technical cultures and aspects of these two popular social media platforms. Here are some of my useful tips for making you understand how to market in these popular social media platforms.

Hosting Videos

Through Facebook and twitter you can host videos and take merit of larger video players that also includes a landing page. First you should start with an introduction video that can be created especially for Facebook and twitter visitors. Then later on you can add additional videos whenever you have new product launches.

Keep Descriptions And Titles Short

Facebook visitors usually have short attention when compared to blog and web page visitors. Facebook walls generally include events, locations and dates that have to be provided in the context. But, you should also make sure that all the tags are relevant and accurate to the visitor.

Getting Others To Comment, Share And Like Your Videos

Non fans have the facility to access videos on facebook wall. And these visitors have the choice to hit the like button and then they become your fans. It is one of the best ways for gaining fans. You can encourage them to like your video by requesting on the description field.

Promoting The Videos

Promoting videos are treated in the same manner as promoting facebook posts. If you are not willing to put a hole on your pocket by paying the fees then you can highlight the videos on the facebook wall page.

Listening To Fans Request

Provide visitors with helpful and relevant videos that give personal attention and entertainment.

Responding To Comments

Engage with the persons, who have commented on your business videos. It doesn’t matter if these comments give genuine interest and they are sincere.

Marketing Tips For Twitter Page

Twitter isn’t engaged in video hosting, but it links visitors to videos on other platforms. Through twitter the visitors can get access to your videos on Vimeo, youtube and facebook.

Creating Custom Videos

One of the most common mistakes companies make is they capture clips from longer videos and get it incorporated on a tweet. It hardly fetches them anything they were looking for.

Thinking Small

When videos are posted on twitter viewers can access them on tiny players. Make sure that these videos are easily accessible.

Thinking Fast

The more number of tweets you get the more traffic your business page will attain on twitter. Make it a point to create videos that touches the events and they are most likely to be shared. So, all that you have to do is to make sure that these videos can be shared and seen.

Being Short

Twitter is not a huge blogging platform. Twitter videos should be short and be visible within thirty seconds.

Be Recent

Tweet as many times as you can, followers tweet on videos, which are recent. They will not tweet items, which are many days and weeks old.

Keeping Balance

Twitter would be one of the best ways for promoting your videos, but along with this you have to promote useful details through, which you can get engaged with your followers.


Twitter and facebook are offering numerous opportunities to market your business through powerful videos. Still numerous businesses are underutilizing these powerful video marketing platforms. I have written this blog to give you some helpful tips for effectively marketing on twitter and facebook. Before posting a video on twitter and facebook you have to keep many things in mind for getting the better of these two powerful platforms for advertising online.

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