Google’s New Search Algorithm Humming Bird Gets Launched

Google HummingbirdOn its 15th birthday Google launched a new search algorithm that is “Humming bird”. It is designed to provide faster and precise results. This algorithm is all about semantic search, which mainly focuses on visitor’s intention rather than individual search or words.

According to Danny Sullivan Hummingbird gives more attention to the meaning of the sentence rather than single words. This means, pages that match the meaning of the sentence give better results than pages that match only a few words. Humming bird is an expansion of Google’s capability. The search engine professional David Amerland said that “Google has improved its ability to deal with the most complex searches. It has also enhanced its capabilities in indexing entities on the web documents. It has become much better on rationally linking web documents and search queries. This means its knowledge graph has got enriched.”

Amerland speaks of how this semantic search will be benefiting SEO practices. This considerably opens a horizon for webmasters and companies. Christy Belden the vice president of Leap interactive said that Hummingbird mainly focuses on semantic searches that will ultimately drive search engines in a proper direction. Today, most of the persons are searching by voice and mobile and humming bird update in Google has made it much easier for these users.

Belden also said that her firm has not noticed any changes in the clients searching results since Hummingbird is running. She also said “We are not anticipating making any changes in the things we are doing” “what we are thinking about is how we are going to create engaging, quality, linkable and shareable content. It is becoming a crucial part of our search engine optimisation strategy.

Hummingbird is less about the keywords and it is more about what the visitor is intending to look.

Halasz believes that search engines have become more emphasized on keywords, which is leading to wrong things. According to her, search engine should be more about engaging with customers rather than keyword data. It has been a month since this algorithm has come into being. I asked numerous SEO experts to give their opinion on this newly launched algorithm.

They said “Hummingbird is an expansion of Google’s search capability”. It has enhanced its capability to index entities.

According to Trond Lyngbo an SEO strategist “It is an exciting time since Google has launched Hummingbird it would be offering solutions to many questions. He also said “I am looking forward to know how this algorithm works on mobile devices and local searches”

Advantages Of Using Hummingbird

Lets us take an example, when we think of a car in 1960s it must be having a good engine, but it will also lack new technologies like usage of unleaded fuel and fuel injection. In the same manner Google has dropped the older engine and replace a newer engine. Google launched this algorithm in such a fast pace that no one has even noticed it. It has been a month since this algorithm has come in use but Google announced this today.


Google has updated its search engine with an algorithm called “Hummingbird”. Hummingbird has come into being for providing better answers to the visitors. This update has taken place a month back. This modification was not disclosed by Google. According to Singhal, this modification will be affecting around 90% of the searches Google gets. Hummingbird enables Google to understand the concept instead of depending upon some keywords because visitors are entering lengthy questions instead of using a few words.

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